The Brenta Dolomites

2006, 9 days


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BrentaThe view back towards Rifugio Tucket (hidden, arrowed) from Monte Spinale (July 2006)
Date Daytime Overnight Notes/Alternatives
Sat 15
Mike/Rebecca: 07:00 flight LH4869 to Münich (10:00), 11:10 flight LH3936 to Verona (12:20), taxi to town, nice lunch, taxi to station, 16:20 train to Trento (17:28), 17:40 bus to Ponte Arche (18:30), 18:35 bus to San Lorenzo (19:10). Albergo Castel Mani ***, San Lorenzo
0465 734017

Later train/bus: Verona 17:16 train to Trento (18:23), 18:55 bus to Ponte Arche (19:43), 19:45 bus to San Lorenzo (20:20).

Sun 16

From San Lorenzo (792m) walk ½ hour or take a jeep taxi to Baesa (850m). Walk 4 hours on path 325 via Rifugio al Cacciatore (1820m, lunch) to Rifugio Agostini (2410m).

Rifugio Agostini
0465 734138

Jeep taxis continue to Rif. Cacciatore.

Above Rif. Cacciatore look out for the 10 minute diversion to the fossil cemetery (leads up NW as the path turns left/south).

Mon 17

Walk 4 hours on path 320 via Forcoletta di Noghera (2423m), diverting onto path 320b to Rifugi Pedrotti & Tosa (2491m, lunch), then path 318 via Bocca di Brenta (2552m) to Rifugio Brentei (2182m).

Rifugio Brentei
0465 441244
Tue 18

Scenic walk 2 hours there and back on paths 323 and 305 to Rifugio Alimonta (2580m). Lunch at Rifugio Brentei. Walk 1½ hours on paths 318 and 328 over Sella del Fridolin (2143m) to Rifugi Tucket & Sella (2272m).

Rifugi Tucket & Sella
0465 441226

Alternative: descending from Rif. Alimonta stay on path 305b (Sentiero SOSAT), easy scrambling, probably 3½-4 hours all told, need pack lunches. Enquire locally - might be too much ice or snow.

Wed 19

Walk 1½ hours on path 316 to Passo del Grosté (2442m). Lift down to the fleshpots of Madonna di Campiglio (1552m).

Lots of choice! ****

Just take a look at the pool at the Lorenzetti!

Could walk down to Madonna di Campiglio (1-1½ hours), from Rif. Brentei or Rif. Tucket or Passo del Grosté.
Thu 20

Lift back up to Passo del Grosté (2442m). Walk 3 hours on paths 301 and 314 via Malga Pozzol di Flavona (1630m) to Lago di Tovel (1177m).

Albergo Lago Rosso *
0463 451242

FTM buses from Lago di Tovel to Cles.

Fri 21 Walk 4 hours on path 309 to Malga Tuena (1740m), then unsigned path (was 311, now unmarked to protect the habitat of the brown bear) via Val Formiga to Malga Tassulla (2090m), then path 336 to Rifugio Peller (2022m). Rifugio Peller
0463 536221

Longer "official" alternatives: 6 hours via Cima Uomo on path 306 ("tricky", "demanding", max 2400m approx) or 7 hours via Passo Pra' Castron (2505m).

Sat 22 Walk 3½ hours on path 313 to Cles (658m). 12:23 or 13:22 or 14:41 or 15:42 or 16:16 FTM train to Trento (takes 1 hour). Grand Hotel ****, Trento
0461 271000
Sun 23

Mike/Rebecca: 09:36 train to Verona (10:28), taxi to airport, 13:05 flight LH3945 to Frankfurt (14:35), 16:60 flight LH4856 to Manchester (17:20).

Michael: 15:05 flight from Brescia.


Vie Ferrate - worth thinking about

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Durations and comments on the routes come from:

Day Route Nbr From-To Kompass Freytag & Berndt Cecil Davies Mike
Monday morning Brentari 358 Agostini-Pedrotti 3h, freedom from vertigo 3h, moderate    
Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning Bocchette Centrali 305/323 Pedrotti-Alimonta 3½h, sure-footedness, freedom from vertigo 3-4h, moderately demanding, exposed, absolute freedom from vertigo 4-5h Alimonta-Pedrotti (also 3h), grade e, high-alpine traverse, very exposed in places, couloirs with danger of icing, ice-axe, crampons and rope advisable according to conditions Mike suspects that the Davies entry is a mistake (confusion with Bocchette Alte)
Tuesday Orsi 303 Pedrotti-Tuckett 3½-4h, sure-footedness 3½-4h Tuckett-Pedrotti, moderate 4h Tuckett-Pedrotti, grade b, technically without problems  
Tuesday afternoon SOSAT 305b Tucket-Alimonta 2½-3h, freedom from vertigo 2½h Brentei-Tucket, not difficult   It's shown as an alternative on the main plan above
Wednesday morning Benini 305 Tucket-Grosté 4h, experts only 4h, moderately difficult, well protected 2-3½h Grosté-Tuckett (also 4h), grade d, technically relatively free of problems, sure-footedness, and freedom from vertigo are taken for granted Jagged Globe course notes: "a magical protected easy walk".
Wednesday afternoon or Thursday morning Vidi 390 Graffer-Grosté 2½-3h, sure-footedness 5½h complete circuit, not difficult, difficulties well protected, no demanding metalwork, sure-footedness, freedom from vertigo    
Thursday-Friday Costanzi 336 Graffer-Peller 10-11h (bivacco), sure-footedness, freedom from vertigo, endurance and good sense of direction. Practical only from mid-July onwards (snow). Pay close attention to waymarks. 10-11h Peller-Graffer, demanding, sure-footedness, freedom from vertigo, endurance   Long but Michael might fancy another bivacco

Vie Ferrate - probably not feasible

Day Route Nbr From-To Kompass Freytag & Berndt Cecil Davies Mike
Monday morning Castiglioni 321 Agostini-Twelve Apostles 2½h, absolutely vertigo-free 3h, demanding 2h, grade e, technically not particularly demanding, but very airy on the wall (vertical ladders with over 300 rungs) Doesn't link up
Monday morning Ideale 304 Twelve Apostles-Agostini 2 hours, experts only 2 hours, experts only 4½-5h Agostini-Twelve Apostles or 4-4½h Agostini-Twelve Apostles, grade e, high-alpine glaciated traverse, only for very safe climbing-path users with experience of high mountain Hard, icy, doesn't link up
Monday Martinazzi 327 Twelve Apostles-Brentei 3h, no particular difficulty in normal atmospheric conditions, but ice axe and crampons recommended 3h, not demanding, crampons and ice-axe required   Icy
Tuesday Bocchette Alte 305 Alimonta-Tuckett 5h, experience, freedom from vertigo, equipment 6h, very difficult and exposed, experts only 5½-6h Tuckett-Alimonta (also 5h), grade e, high-alpine traverse, very exposed in places, couloirs with danger of stone-fall and icing, ice-axe and 25m rope recommended Hard but might be possible if Michael is feeling strong.
Thursday-Friday Palete 306 Peller-Grosté 7-8h, sure-footedness, freedom from vertigo, good conditions 7-8h Grosté-Peller, demanding   Long