The Dolomites, Sciliar - Catinaccio - Sassolungo

2003, 8 days


ScilarSciliar from the altopiano (July 2003)
Date Daytime Overnight Notes/Alternatives
Saturday 19/7 08:25 MAN T1 flight KL1074 arr. Amsterdam 10:55
13:50 flight KL2873 arr. Innsbruck 15:40
Bus route F (every 15 mins, takes 18 mins), or taxi, to station
17:27 train platform 7 a/b arr. Bolzano 19:29
Parkhotel Laurin
+39 0471 311000
Later trains: 18:01 change at Brenner arr. 20:29; 19:30 direct arr. 21:38.
Sunday 20/7 Two possibilities:
  • SAD bus (9:10) to Kastelruth/Castelrotto (10:00), then Silbernagl bus (10:00 or 10:15) to Compatsch/Compaccio (10:25 or 10:40). Walk from there (1844m) 3 hrs on path 10 then 5 to Schlernhaus/Rif. Bolzano (2457m). Two ski lifts available, Panorama and Frommer-Spitzbühel. Refreshments at Saltnerhütte (1850m).
  • Same bus (9:10) or later bus (11:10) to Völs/Fiè (9:40 or 11:40). Walk from there (880m) 4½ hrs on path 1 to Schlernhaus/Rif. Bolzano (2457m). Refreshments at Sessel Alm (1940m).
Schlernhaus/Rif. Bolzano
CAI, 120 places
0471 612024

Parkhotel Laurin breakfast 7:00-10:30.
Route summaries:

  • Bus 36km, walk 7km with 600m ascent (3 hrs).
  • Bus 16km, walk 9km with 1600m ascent (4½ hrs).

Buses from Bolzano call at the railway station 2 mins after leaving the bus station.
From the rifugio, optional excursion to M. Pez (2564m, 30 mins total).

Monday 21/7 Walk 2½ hrs on path 3 then 3a to lunch at Grasleitenhütte/Rif. Bergamo (2134m).
Walk 2 hrs on path 1 over Grasleitenpass/Passo Principe (2600m) then path 584 to Vajolet Hütte/Rif. Vaiolet (2243m).
Vajolet Hütte/Rif. Vaiolet
SAT, 140 places
0462 763292
Tuesday 22/7 Walk 2¼ hours on path 541 then 550 over Tschager Joch/ Passo delle Coronelle (2630 m) to lunch at Rosengartenhütte/Rif. A. Fronza alle Coronelle (2283m).
Walk 2 hours on path 549 (Hirzelweg/Sentiero del Masarè) to Rotwandhütte/Rif. Roda di Vael (2283m).
Rotwandhütte/Rif. Roda di Vael
SAT, 50 places
0462 764450
Alternative morning route: walk 1 hr on path 542 to Gartlhütte/Rif. Re Alberto I (2621m) then 20 mins to Santnerpasshütte/Rif. Passo Santner (2734m) then down easy via ferrata.
Wednesday 23/7 Walk 2¼ hrs on path 541 over Passo delle Cigolade (2550m) to lunch at Rifugio Vaiolet/Vajolet Hütte (2243m) where we stayed on Monday night.
Walk 2 hrs on path 584 over Grasleitenpass/Passo Principe (2600m) and Passo d’Antermoia (2770m) to Antermoia Hütte/Rif. Antermoia (2497m).
Antermoia Hütte/Rif. Antermoia
SAT, 44 places
0462 602272
Alternative afternoon route: walk up path [unnumbered on map] over Forcella delle Pope (2650m) then path 583 over Passo di Lausa (2700m).
Thursday 24/7 Walk 2¼ hrs on path 580 over Passo di Dona (2516m) and Passo delle Ciarégole (2282m) then path 555 and 532 to Mahlknechtjoch/ Passo di Duron (2204m) and lunch at Seiser Alm Haus (2145m) or it might be Rifugio Dialer.
Walk 2½ hours on path 594 (Friedrich August Weg/Sentiero Federico Augusto) to Friedrich August Hütte/Rif. Federico Augusto (2298m).
Friedrich August Hütte/Rif. Federico Augusto
Private, 55 places
0462 764919
Friday 25/7 Walk 2½ hours on path 594 to Passo Sellajoch/Passo Sella then 526/526A to lunch at Langkofelhütte/Rif. Vicenza (2253m).
Walk 2¼ hrs up path 525 to Demetzhütte/Rif. Demetz (2681m) then down about half way to Sellajoch/Passo Sella and turn right onto unnumbered path direct to the hut.
Same as previous night No big packs!
Saturday 26/7 Walk 1½ hours down path 528 to Campitello. Or there’s a cable car from Col Rodella.
SAD bus (10:04) to Bolzano (11:43).
Parkhotel Laurin
0471 311000
  • Alternative bus from Sellajoch/Passo Sella (10:50) to Siusi (12:25), time for a snackette, then route 118 from Siusi (13:13) to Bolzano (13:55).
  • Later bus from Campitello (16:49) to Bolzano (18:28), or from Sellajoch (17:15) to Ortisei (18:10) then Ortisei (18:14) to Bolzano (19:08).
Sunday 27/7 10:31 train arr. Innsbruck 12:32
Lunch in Innsbruck
Bus route F (every 15 mins, takes 18 mins), or taxi, to airport
16:10 flight KL2874 arr. Amsterdam 18:00
18:40 flight KL1093 arr. Manchester 19:00
  Later train 12:31 arr. 14:32.